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The Benefits of Serena Shades

Introducing Lutron remote control cellular shades, a convenient, beautiful and affordable way to control daylight in your home. These controllable shades operate via a remote, so you can adjust them from anywhere in a room including the comfort of your couch. And they move smoothly and quietly.

Our cellular shades are great for preventing harsh glare while creating just the right light for reading, cooking, entertaining or simply relaxing. These shades have superior insulating fabric, so their're also helpful for saving energy. Open the shades during the day in the winter to let the warmth of the sun into the room. Then close them in the evening to trap the head and save on heating costs. In the summer lower shades to block the sun's rays and help reduce cooling costs.

Lutron cellular shades are versatile, too, making them idea for any room in your home. For example, put cellular shades in that hard-to-reach foyer window so you don't have to struggle to open or close them when you want privacy. In your bathroom cellular shades are perfect for conveniently providing privacy before you get into the tub - then you can open them to enjoy the view. Add them to your media room to help create the ultimate viewing experience. You can even integrate Lutron cellular shades with Lutron lighting control systems or a wide variety of universal remote controls or touch screens. In your nursery quietly lower them to help create a soothing environment so its easier for your baby to fall asleep. In your sunroom use them to daytime heat and glare. And adding cellular shades to your kitchen windows means you can conveniently adjust them without interrupting the task at hand.

Installation is easy - all you have to do is mount the brackets and click the shade into place. Our cellular shades are backed by Lutron Triathlon™ power technology. This technology utilizes a hybrid drive design, ultra-efficient standby power, combined with traditional alkaline batteries. So your shade will work for years without you having to replace the batteries.

Lutron cellular shades are available in single cell light-filtering, double cell light-filtering and single cell room darkening styles. These styles come in a variety of colors and textures so you can complement the look of your room.

If you have any questions regarding installing your Serena Shades please call Serena support at 1.888.445.8063. Our support staff is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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