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Installation is a snap because Serena shades are completely wireless. Since you don’t have to run wire, you can install Serena shades in places that are hard to reach, such as your foyer.

Our innovative technology, combined with the energy savings you get from Serena, gives you a cutting edge, remote control shade backed by Lutron quality, at an affordable price.

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Cutting Edge Technology

The patent-pending technology behind Serena gives these shades a long battery life, makes them easy to maintain, and provides their smooth, quiet movement.

Cellular Shade Motor View

Long Battery Life

These innovative shades utilize Triathlon® power technology which ensures a long, 3-year battery life. Our secret is to combine high efficiency electronics, regular store-bought batteries, and the ability to store and re-use energy to supplement the batteries.

Triathlon Technology

Easy maintenance

Our exclusive Tap 'N Tilt™ technology makes changing the batteries a breeze. Simply press the release buttons located above the shade headrail and the headrail will tilt forward, exposing the battery trays inside.

1. Simply press the release buttons, allowing the headrail to tilt forward.

Battery Replacement Step 1

2. Change the batteries...

Battery Replacement Step 2

3. And snap the headrail back in place.

Battery Replacement Step 3

Reliable RF technology

Pico Wireless Control

When you select battery operated shades you get the benefit of our Clear Connect™ Radio Frequency technology and the option to choose from a Pico® wireless control or a 4 group RF remote.

Unlike other RF technologies, Clear Connect ensures your shades will always perform reliably, without interference from other household devices such as cordless phones, security systems, baby monitors, and microwave ovens.

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Effortless Energy Savings

You probably already know that when it comes to preventing heat loss, shades can make a huge impact and are an effortless way to conserve energy. Lowering them in the summer prevents the sun’s harsh rays from heating up a room (and causing air conditioning to work overtime).

Raising them in the winter captures heat from those rays.
Seasonal Energy Savings

But Serena cellular shades provide even greater energy savings—so much more, in fact, that they can double the R value of your windows.

These shades have air pockets that trap heat, providing superior insulation when lowered. Serena shades come in a variety of styles, and as you can see from the chart below, deliver varying R values depending on the style. (R values are a measure of thermal resistance; the larger the R value, the more effective the product. A typical double-pane window has an R value of 2.0)

Cellular Shades R Value


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Fashionable Styles & Fabrics

Window treatments add that finishing touch to a room, so the last thing you want are boring, ho-hum shades. That’s why we’re offering Serena in three different pleat options, as well as in five different textures and a variety of colors. Your Serena shades will always be in fashion.

Light-filtering options

Light Filtering Single Cell

Light-Filtering – Single-Cell

  • Transforms harsh daylight into a soft, filtered glow
  • Provides varying levels of privacy from the outside
  • Saves energy with insulating fabric and design
  • Prices starting at $304

  • Room Darkening Single Cell

    Room-Darkening – Single-Cell

  • Blocks light from entering into a space
  • Creates complete privacy from the outside
  • Saves the most energy due to aluminum lining
  • Prices starting at $324

  • Light Filtering Double Cell

    Light-Filtering – Double-Cell

  • Allows some light to filter into the space
  • Saves even more energy with double-cell insulating design
  • Prices starting at $374

  • Sheer Single Cell

    Sheer – Single-Cell

  • Softens intense rays
  • Preserves your exterior view
  • Prices starting at $429




    Cyprus Collection (light filtering or room darkening)
    Point bonded provides a clean, traditional look.

    Point Bonded

    Napa Collection (light filtering)
    Crush pairs texture with a rich, luxurious look.


    Sedona Collection
    Sheer offers an airy, relaxed feel.


    Prague Collection (light filtering)
    Woven is clean and sophisticated with a hint of linen.


    Monaco Collection (light filtering or room darkening)
    Spun lace provides a classic, warm feel.

    Spun Lace

    Rio Collection (light filtering or room darkening)
    Soft, elegant fibers in a lively palette.

    Rio Collection



    Serena shades come in hues ranging from neutrals and earth tones to decadent reds and greens. They also have varying opacities from sheer and translucent to room darkening, allowing you to achieve the optimal level of light control and privacy for your space. In addition, all honeycomb shade fabrics have a white backing that acts as a reflector, to help keep your space cool and comfortable in addition to maintaining a uniform appearance on the exterior of the home.

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    System Solutions

    System Solutions iPhone

    With the Staples Connect App, you have the freedom to conveniently adjust your Serena Shades through your smartphone or tablet. Staples Connect creates an integrated, connected experience so that all devices work with each other. Lower your Serena Shades, turn off the lights and thermostat, and lock the doors all with the touch of a button. Serena Shades can communicate with other Staples Connect compatible devices, giving you the ability to fully automate your home. Custom modes let you create simultaneous activities so you don't have to lift a finger. Visit www.staples.com/staplesconnect for more information.

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